Web based retailers Reduce shipping costs with online postage software

Web based retailers Reduce shipping costs with online postage software

Small ecommerce companies feel the economic crisis like everybody else these days. During these tough economic times it's more important than ever to economize whenever possible. Employing employees is the last thing that any responsible entrepreneur wants to do and for entrepreneurs or small webbased retailers who are the whole company layoffs can easily be translated into outofbusiness.

A potential revenue loss often overlooked is the ineffective way that many small webbased retailers are still delivering their goods using physical postage or postage meter to tag their packages before they ship. There is a better option one that will save your company both time and money each one important to the bottom online postage software also known as PC postage.

Send your orders without standing in long lines at the post office

One of the most time consuming and demanding tasks of a web based retailer is order tracking the physical freight of your goods. Not long ago it meant long timeconsuming trips to the post office to buy postage for each package a load on the tank the wallet and the back. And it was time that could be more productive use to build your website make offers for new goods or continue economic problems.

Or it meant leasing or purchasing a meter an inefficient bulky machine that would have purchased largescale portfolios with high fees covered by the measurement company for anywhere from $ 20 to $ 80 per month including the usual expense of as much as $ 80 for a refill of the special proprietary ink used by the meter.

With PC port smallscale web based resellers now have a flexible third option to send packages buy postage online in the amount you need not what the metric company dictates and print it directly using the leading laserjet inkjet or thermal printers. With gas hovering around $ 3.50 per gallon only the savings on these trips to the post office will make the PC port pay for itself in short order.

Deep discounts on Express Mail and Priority Mail only via PC port

Everyone loves to save money finding a bargaining agreement appeals to human nature. In these times bargains can also be the difference between in black or red. USPS has approved significant discounts on regular retailers on two of its most popular mailboxes for PC port customers: 3% discount on Express Mail and up to a formidable 11% on Priority Mail service when you buy postage online. You can only get these large postage discounts via PC Postage you will stop paying the full retail price at the post office counter.

With PC port you can hide the port amount.

Of course you want your customers to focus on how well your product is not how much it costs to ship. However the cost of materials and work is not insignificant for a small company and they must be recycled. Still customers can become irate at the thought that they subsidize "shipping and handling" fees in addition to the cost of their purchase. With most PC port providers you can shortcircuit this process by requesting the shipping amount to be suppressed on the shipping label. The customer never needs to know how much you paid in postage but both you and USPS will know because the postage is encoded in the scatter code on the label. This saves you or your customer service time spent handling complaints and money in lost sales from angry customers. Not to mention the savings in aspirin from the averted headache that either give rise to.

PC Postage provides detailed postage reporting

When the tax season rolls around as Ben Franklin said it must look for any deductions that you can use to save some money from the IRS connections. The postage you bought is of course a business expense and quite a big one that can save you a lot of money. But how do you prove that you spent as much as you claim you did? With physical postage and gauges you must be sure that you have saved a receipt somewhere and as we all know small pieces of paper have an annoying habit to disappear immediately when you need them most.

Not so with PC port all your transactions are stored on your computer in a secure file ready for you to watch your or your accountant's free time.

Additionally with most of the leading PC port clients you can assign tracking codes to individuals track your postage costs to reduce waste and potential abuse of your company's valuable postage. In most applications you can assign as many as 50 discrete codes to track postage by department or even individual employee if necessary.

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